Flint Alley Furniture

Refund Policy


It is the responsibility of the customer to review our policies before purchasing any item. By purchasing you accept and understand our policies. If any issues arise we will gladly work with our customers to resolve the issue, repair or replace the item if necessary but at no time do we offer refunds.

We are a very small family owned business and make every item to order. Please make sure you are serious about ordering and will not change your mind! If you are not ready to order do not order and expect we can modify your request.

If you have any issues please contact us immediately and we WILL resolve the issue. If you don't hear from us for a few days contact us again. We receive a large number of emails daily and emails unfortunately can get missed.

Wait Times are only estimates and may vary from a few days on ready to ship items to months. The larger the order the longer the wait.

We hand craft all items and are a small business so all wait times are only estimates and may vary. For time sensitive and urgent orders please contact BEFORE placing your order to ensure we can accommodate your request. Austin@flintalley.com.


All items are made to order so cancellations may only be made in the first 48 hours. After that time we cannot cancel orders since they have most likely begun production

Refunds and Returns

Furniture may NOT be returned. If it is returned it is treated as a forfeit and customer will NOT receive any refund or we can return to the customer but they must pay return shipping.
If you are unhappy with your order we will gladly remake your order but do not offer refunds

Damaged Items: We package all items to FedEx, USPS and UPS standards so in the rare case of a damaged shipment you MUST do the following to ensure the issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

Photograph Damaged product
Photograph damaged exterior of box
Photograph all packing materials inside box
Send us all photographs within 48 hours of receipt of item
Hold onto all items and packaging until the case in resolved.
Failure to keep packaging could result in denial of claim.
IF the claim is Approved we will provide you the option of a Full refund upon returning of original item or We can remake your item and ship for no additional fee upon return of the original damaged item. We will provide return shipping label to return damaged item.
IF the claim is Denied we cannot refund of replace the item. While this sounds harsh we do pack all items to the standards set by common carriers and photograph every piece of furniture before it leaves our facility. For a claim to be denied the damage to the item would not be consistent with damage to the packaging and may have been caused by the customer once removed from the packaging , all items were not photographed or held onto until resolution of claim, or customer did not contact us within 48 hours of receiving the item.
Warranty: We will replace, repair or send a repair kit for the following for 1 year from purchase. Please note if we determine the damage is not from normal use of the item, water/sun damage, or using product not as intended customer is responsible for any fees incurred to make the repair.

Cracks that affect the integrity of the item making it unsafe or unusable
Loose Joints
Peeled or Cracked finish
Stuck drawers or doors
We are not responsible for any damage to persons or property for the use of our products. All products are safe to use as intended and any damage would occur from misuse.