<p>If at any time, you or your child are not satisfied with your Chirp, Chickadee or OWL magazine subscription, you can request a refund on all unmailed issues by emailing our subscription customer service team at <a class="ProsemirrorEditor-link" href="mailto:owlkids@kckglobal.com">owlkids@kckglobal.com</a>. Please allow 6-8 weeks for the refund to process.</p>
<p>You can request for a return for Chirp, Chickadee or OWL products (such as branded T-shirts, watches, and sunglasses) by emailing <a class="ProsemirrorEditor-link" href="mailto:sacowlkids@bayardcanada.com">sacowlkids@bayardcanada.com</a>. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to send back return items within 10 business days from the invoice date to: Bayard Canada 4475 rue Frontenac, Montreal, QC. H2H 2S2 Attn: Warehouse Department.</p>