Refund policy

Policies: I hate messing around with all the fine print, but in order to protect myself from would-be “opportunity seekers”, I want to put this down in writing so that everyone is on the same page. I’ll try to keep it real simple and use only three categories:
1) Defective Items
2) Non-Defective Items
3) Broken Items

Defective Items: Because I want to assure everyone is happy with their purchases, I’m more than happy to replace any defective items you purchase from me with a 100% functioning replacement. And, a very apologetic Kevin will take care of you as quickly as possible. Basically this means that I won’t leave you hanging if you somehow receive a defective item from me or one of my vendors.

Non-Defective Items: We want you happy with your transaction, but because the margins I work with are so low, if you purchase an item and find that you can’t use it on your vehicle for whatever reason (for instance you change your mind), I’m happy to offer you a credit toward a future purchase less the outgoing shipping if you return it in it’s original non-damaged box within 60 days from the date you received it. All returns require a Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA#), so contact me first, and if the item is inspected and deemed to be in “as good as new” condition, and can be resold to someone expecting a new product, I’m happy to credit your account in the amount of the purchase price minus an 18% restocking fee to recapture some of the time that I’ve invested in that particular transaction. (I think you’ll find that others in my market charge more than 20%, so don’t choke on that number, lol. The only reason I do this is so that I don’t end up working for free if you change your mind after I’ve spent the time and expense to order, package, and ship your stuff.)
No return or credits are available on items in your possession for longer than 60-days, but I may be able to sell your items for you on our website for a fee if you don’t want to deal with posting ads in Jeep forums and/or eBay, which is where I recommend you try doing first. Additionally, if the process of the refund takes longer than 60 days from your original order date, I am not able to recoup the 3% credit card fees, so we will also have to deduct 3% of the original order, including all shipping fees.

Broken Items: This category covers something that you purchased from me, which worked for a while, but then stopped functioning normally for whatever reason. Normally these would be dealt with on an individual basis directly with the manufacturer of the item. If you are not getting anywhere with the manufacturer, shoot me an e-mail and we’ll see what I can do to get you taken care of with them, us acting as your advocate. Often times manufacturers want to stand behind their product, and I’m happy to represent you if you need me to!

That’s it…see, that was almost painless. ?

Have a great day, and thank you for your business!